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WGSN Kidswear - live from Buenos Aires: We’re inspired by the wealth of amazing kidswear around Palermo Soho. This is the latest collection from Complot Mini, one of our favourite finds so far!

Watch out for our report on the top Buenos Aires kidswear brands, going live on the site soon.

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Moschino Cheap and Chic

Holly Fulton at London Fashion Week

Milliner Philip Treacy returned to London Fashion Week after a decade of absence.  Wearing outfits once owned by Michael Jackson, an all-black model cast (and Lady Gaga?) strutted some of his most impressive designs.  See more outrageous looks here!

I love you.

Perhaps one of Beyonce’s more quirky videos, “Countdown” pays colorful homage to some of our favorite iconic moments in fashion.  Channeling Breakfast at Tiffany’s in her black retro ensemble and Flashdance in her sweaty off-the-shoulder look, Beyonce reminds us of the important relation between film, fashion, and music. 

From the days of the Destiny’s Child colorful tri-coordinated looks to her vixen Wonder Women-sculpted metallic leotards, I think it’s safe to say that at one time or another, every girl has looked up to Beyonce as their own “Sascha Fierce” alter-ego persona.   At age 11, I was wearing shirts that said “Bootylicious” on them, even though I was everything but.  By age 13 I was taught how to properly shake my ass and strut-all thanks to “Crazy In Love”.  When the “Single Ladies” music video dropped, I stayed up all night desperately trying to learn the choreography-(which I’ve successfully done and embarrassingly enough, at age 22, have even added the more recent “Who Run the World (Girls)” choreography to my repertoire-just in case I ever need it.) 

The funny thing is, I don’t even consider myself a big Beyonce fan.  I don’t own any of her albums, and I’ve never seen her live.  I don’t need to.  Beyonce runs through my veins.  I am Sascha Fierce. Happy Birthday, Bey!

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no funny business

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